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pointy base premade fans volume lashes private label eyelash extensions for wholesale

pointy base premade fans volume lashes private label eyelash extensions for wholesale. Made of PBT material, equipped with relevant use tutorials, comfortable to use, reasonable price, factory self-operated wholesale

  • Brand : OBEYA
  • MOQ : 10 boxes
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France and so on
  • Model(number) : c/d

              2022 latest style pointy base premade fans volume lashes


    主图 (2).jpg

What is pointy base premade fans volume lashes?

The hair is actually one of the false eyelashes, which is blossoming, the roots are flattened, and the service area is large. One is grafted on a plurality of real eyelashes, and after grafting, they intersect each other to present a dense effect. Moreover, the operation is simple, and the whole flower will fall off when falling off .

Similar to this is the flowering eyelashes, which are in a bundle shape, the roots are thinner like a single one, and a bunch of real eyelashes require flowering techniques. When falling off, a single root falls off. It needs to be repaired after one week of grafting and can last for at least one month. 


Show the details .

There are many kinds of cents, elegant, ostentatious, implicit, etc. But they are the same. Everyone likes to have big eyes and long eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes has become a popular trend nowadays! 

           单朵细节2.jpg              17.jpg


When we graft eyelashes, we take multiple eyelashes at once, and the roots are grafted at the tip. In this way, the grafted eyelashes will become thicker and more like a blooming flower. Very pretty. Flowering also manual production, flowering in a second and The hair is bonded at the root with a row of hairs to form a flower shape that is grafted onto a true eyelash .


The degree of curvature of the eyelashes is divided into C /D .

Recommend Length: 8-15mm

           长度展示1.jpg                   15.jpg


Recommend Curl: C and D curl.


Let us know the degree of curvature of false eyelashes !

If the degree of curling of false eyelashes is distinguished, it can generally be divided into three types. The first is also the closest to the true eyelash curl. The second type will have a significant curvature, which is also a more popular curl, which can make our eyes brighter and brighter. There is also a more obvious warping, but such warping is often suitable for stage performances, which may be slightly exaggerated in daily life. 


Scenario map of false eyelashes .

场景图 11.jpg                      场景图 22.jpg         



We must pay attention to the details when wearing eyelashes,

 this eyelash is not easy to operate, if in doubt, 

you can contact us we will be happy to serve you! 


With regard to this eyelash, we have received many customer comments, 

generally can be worn repeatedly, if you are interested in buying this product,

 please contact us, we will give you preferential treatment. 





You can choose a variety of payment methods .


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