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We have own OEM lashes factory, the trade cost will be low.Welcome to visit our factory, we guarantee the best price for visiting customers.

Lean Production's Application Study in Our OEM Factory.If you are just starting your own eyelash brand business, the demand for eyelashes is not large, you can consider private label, economical and practical. We also offer custom label eyelashes.

Qc Team responsible for lashes quality control and final sampling inspection for OEM eyelash factory to assure quality.

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Our company can also supply other eyelashes extensions products.

such as Eyelash Extensions and Real Mink Eyelash Extensions and Flat Eyelash Extensions and Automatic Flowering Eyelash and Volume Eyelash Extensions and Mink Eyelashes and so on.

If you want to control the channel or let consumers remember you, you'd better have your own eyelash brand!

What you need is to have a license or borrow a license, and then register a trademark you want!

With the trademark, you can actually start to operate! (many foreign trade enterprises can deal with foreign personal brands without trademark)

With your own eyelash brand, you can expand your eyelash market according to your own brand.

Here "OEM production", also known as "OEM processing.".

Simple steps are: choose eyelash factory, inspect factory, commission production, order, acceptance, delivery. The sales market is generally in the charge of the principal. However, there are many strict contents in each seemingly simple step. You need to be prepared in advance. For example, the quality inspection standards of entrusted eyelash products, the intellectual property protection of eyelash brands in production and processing, product quantity and delivery period, transportation and sales, product production price, etc. The responsibilities, authorities and interests among them need to be carefully detailed and specified in the entrustment agreement.

At present, China's foreign trade eyelash OEM processing market is relatively large. If you are just starting your eyelash business, we suggest that you ask professional and technical personnel and economic consultants to help you plan the entrusted production of your products. In particular, they should help you carefully review the "entrusted processing documents" to avoid problems.

Here we can directly consider the responsibility of professional eyelash company, that is, OEM eyelash consignor. All matters are agreed by both parties, so it is relatively simple.

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