About Us

Qingdao Obeya beauty Products CO., Ltd, a leading professional cosmetics manufacturer in China.  We have made beauty salon  products with the focus of all our energy and know-how. We are fully committed to putting all our expertise and research resources to work for the modern fo women and men , in all their diversity, around the world. We always try to meet our customers'needs through constant research and development. 

Obeay beauty has customized false eyelashes products, human hair products, pedicure products, Nail art products and packing for many top cosmetics brands in the world. We offers not only items expressing beauty but also care products to keep both of health and beauty of eyelashes,hair and nail .  Providing strong support to our clients on exploring market. We also worked with big retailers and salons, help new salons or new online stor grow their business.

We produce and offer almost all kinds of eyelash products needed eyelash extension professionally.

We use the approved raw materials and offer the best quality beauty item to give you the full satisfaction.  and we have the dust-free workshop.

We established the R&D Division and quality inspection team. Guarantee that we continuously release new products, and each product that leaves the factory will be 100% inspected. Each batch of Obeya Products is traceable.  Any questions from customers can be immediately traced back to the source according to the corresponding batch. Obeay will solve the problem for customers seriously.

Discover our mission, its values. Our mission is always to supply the highest quality beauty products and most inti-mate service to our clients. We sincerely believe it is our duty to supply the safe,Clean and healthy products with premium quality. Obeya beauty promise to offer products that we research and develop trusted products for all customers need in the future.

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Qingdao Obeya Beauty Products Co. ,Ltd is specialized manufacturer of handmade eyelashes.

Obeya Beauty is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of individual eyelash extensions, eyelash extension tools, 3D mink eyelashes and 3D false eyelashes products in Qingdao China. We also produce human hair eyelash, mink hair eyelash, animal fur eyelash, paper eyelash feather eyelash and Japanese and South Korean fibrin thread eyelash. We can also customize lashes based on your samples. All of our false eyelashes are 100% handmade. We have a dedicated system for designing, manufacturing and distributing false eyelashes products to customers around the world and we have gained a good reputation all over the world especially to the US, Australia, Japan, Europe and other countries.

Export Team

We have a professional team to provide you with good after-sales service.