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We are professional manufacturer and vendor of different kinds of agricultural products: eyelash extensions, russian lashes, mink eyelashes, 3D Lashes & Eyelashes Tools since 2002

Obeay Flat Eyelash Extension With Factory Wholesale Price Professional Vendor YL10

Obeya beauty built since 2000 years , we are professional manufacturers ,our main products are luxury 3D mink eyelash ,normal 3D mink eyelash , 5D mink eyelash , eyelash extensions , flat eyelash,camellia eyelash , easy fan lashes , premade fan lashes , eyelash glue ,eyelash tweezers and other related products, welcome to order

  • Brand : OBEYA
  • Materials : Korea PBT
  • MOQ : 200 boxes
  • Price : USD4-5
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France and so on

Professional Flat Eyelash Extension Manufacturers With Factory Wholesale Price 

Flat lashes are a popular products now , they are very light and no harmful to your eyes. 

About the products

Korea PBT
MOQ200 Trays
Payment MethodPaypal/Western Union/Bank Transfer etc



Flat eyelash extension is very popular to the artists and beauty, we can do the paper card with your brand name and logo

This one is 0.2mm  thickness mixed length , we can do single length and mixed length in one tray , we can print the length , the curl on the paper card

There are 12 rows in one tray


Please check this picture , the lash are so light and soft , they are no harmful to your own eyelashes

It is very natural when you wear them , you can't feel any weight 

It can last about more than one month on your eyes

Obeya-Manufacturer.jpgWhy do we call it flat lashes? Because it is flat at the bottom of the lash , when you touch the lashes , they are so soft

We can customize different length and curl , we can customize the lines too

Customized Papercard

Private papercard.jpg

We can customize the paper card with your brand name , you can choose different pattern on the paper card , you can write all the informations on the paper card too , welcome to creat your own brand name


All the boxes are in top quality , you can choose the one you like

Company development


We built our company and factory since 2000 years , we have more than 19 years experience to produce the eyelashes



We attended many exhibitions every year 

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Whatsapp: +8613410107037

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