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Hot Sale Russian Individual Lashes Korea PBT Fiber/ Silk/ Synthetic ODM OEM Accepted USA UK YY06

Emeda Russian Volume Lashes are hot sale in Europe and America. The size:
thickness: 0.03/0.05/0.07/0.08/0.1/0.12/0.15/0.18/0.2/0.25
curl: J/B/C/CC/D/DD/L/L+
length: 6-18mm single and mix
we also can customize size for customers. J/B/C is the best seller in Asia and CC/D/DD is popular in Europe and USA.We can provide label and package customization. Our individual lash is soft and zero-touch, the quality is top-class.

  • Brand : OBEYA
  • Materials : Korea PBT Fiber/ Silk/ Synthetic
  • MOQ : 100 boxes
  • Price : 3.1USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France and so on

Hot Sale Russian Individual Lashes Korea PBT Fiber/ Silk/ Synthetic ODM OEM Accepted USA UK 

  1. Thickness: 0.03/0.05/0.07/0.1/0.12/0.15/0.18/0.2/0.25mm

    Curl: J/B/C/CC/D/DD/L/L+

       Length: 6-18mm mix and single

   2. High Quality: Emeda russian individual lashes are made of Korea PBT Fiber, it is soft and zero-touch. Your eyes will be comfortable when used our eyelashes.

   3. Easy to make fans: The difference between the number and length of the eyelashes can be selected freely, you can make any fans rely on the number and length of eyelashes. 

   4. Related service: Private label and box are accepted. if you have any questions, we can answer you at any time. We are 24-hour online.

Product DetailS


Every eyelash is clear and matte. The tips are listed order, there is not variegated on the eyelashes. 

It is more softer than others, you can free free to curve and not be broken off.

How to blossom

how to use eyelashes.jpg

Firstly, pick up 2D-5D fans with a tweezer; then dip the glue on the root; and fix the root of eyelashes; lastly, the flower shape is set.

The picture shows the accurate method to bloom. 

Our sellers have professional in Emeda.

Private Logo and Package

paper card.jpg

volume eyelash package.jpg

Our professional workers can make eyelash packages and design logo. 

There are many colorful paper cards and various shapes of packages you can choose. 

Good eyelashes should match beautiful box.

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