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Private Label 2020 Best Seller 0.07mm One-Second Blooming Easy Fan Eyelash Extension YY76

Obeya one-second blooming eyelash extension is suitable for a lash beginner.No any skills required to make fans.
Using one-second blooming lashes can save 1/2 time than using classic lashes.The size is 0.07 0.05 0.03 thickness, C D curl,8-15mm length for customers to choose.
Our designer can help customers make logo,customers can have their own brand.

  • Brand : OBEYA
  • Materials : Korean PBT Fiber
  • MOQ : 100 boxes
  • Price : 6USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France and so on

More Details about 0.07mm One-Second Blooming Easy Fan Eyelash Extension

■Material: Korea PBT Fiber

■Size: 0.03 0.05 0.07 thickness

          C D curl

          8-15mm single and mix length

■Service: Customize logo and package

■MOQ: 5 trays for each size

■Suitable people: A lash beginner,lash salon,beauty store

Product picture


Obeya one-second blooming lashes can blossom easily, no any skills required to make fans. 

A lash beginner can use easy-fan eyelash, who can take 2D-20D fans to apply. 

Applying with one-second eyelash extension can save 1/2 time than individual lashes. 

How To Pick Up ?


How to pick up easy-fan eyelash extension? 

  1. one clip:

Take out one strip eyelashes,clip to take 1/2 place of eyelash root.

  2. two pull:

After the eyelashes are clamped,put to the right.

 3.three push:

Then push gently toward our left direction to make eyelashes blom automatically

 4. four lift:

Push forward to the front and lift your eyelashes upwards.Blooming in one second.

Private label and package


volume eyelash package.jpg

Our designer can help customers make logo, there are many patterns for customers to choose. 

We have helped many customers create their own brand. 

If customers want a special box to carry eyelashes, we also can make. 

Various boxes can be chose. 

Good Feedback from Customers


We have received many good feedbacks from customers. 

We have been serving customers with patience and sincerity all the time. 

Our aim is to let customers try best-quality eyelashes and help customers solve problems. 

Thanks for their support, we will do better! 

Quality Inspection

process -lash-produce.jpg

Obeya one-second blooming eyelashes are 100% handmade by our experienced workers. 

There is a professional inspector in our company who can seriously check the quality.

So the quality of eyelashes is completely guaranteed, customers can feel free to use. 

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