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A Sexy and  Beauty History - the evolution of eyelash over the ages

How attractive is beauty eyelashes?

Your eyelashes are two bunches of grass, and my eyes are secretly biting on it. 

Although I have not saved anything, I can feed my hungry heart.

The tears in the eyes are full of lashes, and they will not fall. 

I have practiced countless times, and this tearful state is the most touching and affectionate, and it can also move him the most.

If the eyelashes are inherently scarce, short, thin, and crooked by nature, 

and eyes that are as big and round as they are will not accompany beauty.

The eyelashes grow on the front lip of the eyelid and are arranged in 2-3 rows, short and curved. 

The upper eyelashes are many and long, usually 100-150, with an average length of 8-12mm, which grows slightly forward and upward. 

The lower eyelashes are short and few, about 50-75, with a length of about 6-8mm.

Long and curved eyelashes can not only enlarge the eyes, but also make the eye shape more perfect. 

It will also give more emotions to the flow of eyes, smart, charming, charming, beautiful and touching ... 

No matter what, it will give extra points to temperament.

Therefore, womens love for the beauty of eyelashes has never changed since ancient times. 

But how has the beauty of eyelashes evolved?


In 3100 BC, ancient Egyptians used a mixture of crocodile feces, donkey liver and honey to coat their eyelashes.


In the dark Middle Ages, social statutes restricted people from examining beauty.

The church believes that decorating hair is an erotic temptation. 

So at that time, the hairstyle on the forehead was popular, and even the hair on the forehead was shaved. 

We can see many portraits of people without eyebrows in the oil paintings. 

Not to mention eyelashes.

However, the truth will not be suppressed. 

With the development of history, people always feel that the eyelashes are still longer.

Eyelashes are the embodiment of extreme sexy, 

so it is good for women to have normal-length eyelashes, 

which can show chastity.

                                                                                                           ——Old Pliny, author of Natural History in Ancient Rome

But usually the beauty-loving people can only see the first half of the sentence, 

the more frankly the pursuit of beauty, the more fearless.

French person is the most romantic in the world, Paris is the most fashionable city. 

They have known for a long time that the sexiest part of a woman is not the chest, not the long legs, but a flickering eyelash.

For the long eyelashes, the prototype of false eyelashes was born in the 19th century! 

It was born to the extreme-the hair was transplanted to the eyelids. In the 19th century, Parisians in France used natural hair to sew into their eyelids. 

This method did not involve anesthesia, and people who operated on had to experience considerable pain.


Those who cannot perform this procedure prefer to use adhesive false eyelashes. 

These eyelashes are made of natural hair and stick to silk, gauze or fish skin. 

However, sticky false eyelash products have caused a lot of trouble on the way to evolution.

In 1879, a writer at The Royal Cornwall Gazette once commented: 

Several false eyelashes floated on the tea she drank. This lady is still chatting with someone unforgettablely.

Although Anna Taylor obtained a patent for false eyelashes in 1911.

Until 1916, false eyelashes did not become a more popular beauty product, and movie actors were the main consumer group.


In 1913, the American chemist Williams invented a beautiful eyelash magic stick with toner and petroleum jelly to help his sister Meibao win. 

Williams himself was inspired by this and founded the Maybelline brand.

In 1914, the makeup artist Maxfactor invented the crayon mascara,

which can be applied to the lashes by heating the mascara to increase the effect of the lashes.

In 1916, when D.W.Griffith filmed the film Intolerance, he wanted the eyelashes of actress Seena Owen to comb the eyes like a fan, so he asked his assistant to apply false eyelashes to Seena Owen for Halloween.

According to another actor Lilian Gish, 

In the morning, Seena Owen came to the studio and her eyes were almost covered with eyelashes. 

But in the lens, she was beautiful.


By 1921, actors were very fond of wearing false eyelashes-some even said that wearing false eyelashes can protect glasses from fluorescent light. 

Women flocked to the salon to apply false eyelashes.

A columnist later wrote: If a beautiful girl looks at you and looks at you through her long and thick eyelashes, do not be arbitrarily. You know, this eyelash may not belong to her. 

At least before she buys it with money. 


1929 Greta Garbos thick and slender eyelashes became the object of imitation for all women at the time.

In the 1930s, false eyelashes became ubiquitous and varied, with black, brown, and gold colors.

In 1923, the eyelash curler invented by Willian Beldue also promoted the further promotion of false eyelashes, because the eyelash curler allowed the false eyelashes to align with the real eyelashes and looked more realistic. 

Vogue praised it: False eyelashes give women a flickering charm.

In 1931, Kurlash, the first eyelash curler, was officially launched. 

This USD 5 eyelash curler needs 10 minutes on each eye to make the eyelashes curl.

In 1938, Helene Vierthaler Winterstein, an Austrian dancer and performer, applied for a patent for what he claimed was the first waterproof mascara. 

But this product containing turpentine can cause allergic reactions.

It was also at this time that the eyelash grafting technique appeared. 

The grafting of eyelashes at that time was not much different from modern ones. 

They all used a strong glue. 

The individual eyelashes were glued to the eyelids with tweezers, which could last for a long time after completion.

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1936 Eyelash grafting in a beauty salon.

By the 1950s, there were more and more false eyelashes, and plastic artificial hair was used instead of real hair.

Some cosmetic manufacturers, such as Andrea, who was born in the United States in 1963, have begun advocating consumers to choose the so-called eyelash goddess. By then, Andrea had produced 20 false eyelashes. Throughout the 1960s, 20 million false eyelashes were sold. 


Twiggy, a British model who has become popular in the fashion industry with thick eye makeup, always has thick false eyelashes on her upper and lower eyelids. She is also known as the big eyelash goddess.


Another big-eyed eyelash goddess Twiggy

In the 1960s, 20 million false eyelashes were sold.

By the 1970s, however, more natural makeup was popular. 

The makeup of fake eyelashes is no longer so popular, and the hotness of false eyelashes has cooled down again.

Especially in the 1990s, minimal makeup was popular in aesthetics. 

Sticking too much false eyelashes is not so fashionable-not to mention, they sometimes really fall into your cup of tea. 

Only Madonna would spend USD 10,000 on fake eyelashes made of fox fur and diamonds for a concert.

Although exaggerated false eyelashes are no longer the most fashionable practice, 

long eyelashes are beauty has become a unique criterion.

However, it is a bad thing to tear false eyelashes every day.

It is important to know that a woman loves beauty and pays attention to efficiency. 

Now, the eyelash grafting technique that appeared in the 1930s is a more popular way to make eyelashes longer. 

Beauty blogger Tracy Quan called these grafted eyelashes made of synthetic fibers and mink hair  the second breast of women.


In 1998, eyelash grafting was introduced to China.

Next time let us take a look at the history of Chinese cosmetic development from ancient times has gone through those dynasties?

Are you ready?

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