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Obeya beauty lashes
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Private label Faux mink Strip eyelash wholesale distributor XJ80

100 boxes
Main market
US、Europe、Australia、France and so on

OBEYA faux mink strip lashes use premium Koream synthetic hair material do lashes, and produced thousands lash styles by our experienced workers.Everyone can find the lash styles they like.

Private label Faux mink Strip eyelash wholesale distributor 

OBEYA Faux mink strip eyelash do retail on Amazon and wholesale with private label which win likes 

of customers from all over the world. So if you want wholesale our lashes, don't worry the quality

and we have enough experience to help you create your own lash brand. 


OBEYA Faux mink Strip eyelash Specifications 

  • Use high quality Korean fiber 0.07 material, natural black color, super soft and light weight.

  • We have cotton lash band and clear lash band, cotton band more popular as more strong and

    comfortable. If use them carefully, you can use our lash for about 20 times. 

  • Muti-layer technology. You can get different look. 


OBEYA Faux mink Strip eyelash Advantages

  • Lash hair material are premium, luxury,natural and look like real mink.

  • Lash band super strong and durable. 

  • Unique craft professional curling technology, make lash in good look for long time. 


OBEYA Faux mink Strip eyelash-Natural style 

This lash style is A1, for round eye shape. Some longer bunches with small cross, short hair 10-15mm. 

Such natural lash styles are popular in Asia, Europe and middle east market. 


OBEYA Faux mink Strip eyelash-Classic style 

This lash style is SD262, for round eye shape. Some big bunches with small bunches. More 3D effect 

look, look luxury and glamorous. Such classic lash styles are popular all over the world, suite for any



OBEYA Faux mink Strip eyelash-Dramtic style 

This is a dramtic lash style catalogue, the lash curl are more curled and have more muti layers effect. 

Such lash styles suite for parties, celebrations and plays. And they are popular in US and Africa.


Private label Faux mink Strip eyelash wholesale

We can do custom lash packaging. We have acrylic lash box, paper box and magnetic boxes. 

Acryic lash box can print logo or do logo stickers, as clear boxes, stickers also look well. 

Paper box and magnetic boxes can print logo, custom color and pattern. 




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