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The difference between eyelash extensions and strip lashes

The difference between eyelash extensions and strip lashes


1. The way to apply eyelash extensions and strip lashes

False lashes are usually sold with a container of adhesive, and many include a strip of glue already applied to the back. To place on your eyelashes, simply apply the glue (if applicable) and place it directly on or slightly above your natural lash line. Although this requires a steady hand, it is easy enough for anyone to apply onto their own eyes in just a few minutes.

On the contrary, lash extensions must be applied by a professional at an eyelash extension salon. This is due to the difference in the product itself. Unlike the strip design of fake eyelashes, volume lashes are applied individually onto each existing eyelash. The entire application process can take up to two hours, which is a great time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the pampering.


2. The cost of eyelash extensions and strip lashes

False lashes can be found at beauty stores, drug stores, and even supermarkets. They cost anywhere from to , depending on the brand and where they are purchased from. However, they must be changed daily as sleeping with fake lashes can cause eye infections. Although some can be reused, the cheaper varieties can only be worn once, as they begin to look tattered after the first use.

Since they must be applied by a professional, eyelash extension costs are significantly greater than that of traditional fake eyelashes. In addition, these lashes are made from materials that are higher quality than falsies. For example, mink eyelash extensions are made from fine mink hair to give a beautifully natural look with maximum volume. This also contributes to a higher cost. However, with regular maintenance appointments and proper care. When you compare eyelash extension price to the total cost of wearing fake eye lashes for one year, lash extensions are actually a much more affordable option.


3. Row materials of eyelash extensions and false eyelashes

As mentioned previously, false eyelashes are made of low quality artificial fibers that are heavy. A strip of fake lashes laid flat on your eyelid disrupts the natural movement of the eyes. Eyelash extensions, however, are designed to be identical to human hair, both in appearance and weight. With feathery-light lashes, you will forget you are wearing anything but the eyelashes you were born with – unlike fake eyelashes which weigh heavy on your eyelids.


4. The proper care for eyelash extensions and strip lashes

Fake eyelashes are a temporary solution for achieving a bold, voluminous lash line. Hence, they are not worn for a long enough time to require routine maintenance. However, if you would like to reuse your lashes more than once, be sure to keep them in a designated container away from any moisture.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions, on the other hand, require more maintenance since they are worn for a much longer period of time. In fact, if you want to maximize the beauty and life of your eye lash extensions, proper maintenance is a must. Wearers of lash extensions should stay clear away from any cleansers or beauty products containing oil, as well as any applicators that could contain lint – such as cotton pads. This, in addition to the use of standard mascara and eye makeup, could cause your eyelashes to shed prematurely. Eyelash extension salons offers many products that are safe to use with your extensions. Also, it is highly encouraged to apply Protective Coating, which is made specifically to seal your lashes and keep out debris while maintaining a healthy, natural-looking shine.

If you would like your eye lash extensions to last as long as possible – up to one year if properly maintained – it is also important to revisit your eyelash extension salon every 2 – 3 weeks to refill any spaces and gaps that occur in between due to eyelashes falling out.


5. The last time of eyelash extensions and strip lashes

As mentioned previously, eyelash extensions can last up to one year if refilled every 4 to 6 weeks. False lashes do not last nearly as long, as even the reusable ones can only be used a few times.

6. Eyelash extensions and false eyelashes create a different look

Lash extensions are designed to replicate the look, feel, and texture of natural eyelashes. Although they are technically artificial lashes, they are made from high quality materials like mink hair and are applied individually. Hence, when applied, mink lashes create a light and feathery appearance. Falsies, however, usually come attached to a single strip and are created from much lower quality materials, which cause them to look unnatural and obviously fake.

7. The durability of eyelash extensions and strip lashes

There is a very small chance that you will experience your eyelash extensions falling noticeably off your face. They shed normally with your natural lashes. However, fake eye lashes can fall off very easily. Since they are all connected to the same strip, if the adhesive comes loose in one area, they will either fall off or hang off of the eyelid.


8. All types of physical activity with eyelash extensions and strip lashes

With both lash extensions and false lashes, you can engage in all types of physical activity as the sweat will not affect them. However, as you wash your face afterwards, it is likely that falsies will fall off. Be sure to avoid drying your eye area when patting your face dry, and your volume lashes will not be harmed in any way.

9. Damage to natural lashes

false lashes are both safe to wear on your eyelids. As long they are not tugged off, your natural lashes will remain intact even after the artificial ones are removed.

 Lash extensions are a wonderful option for women wanting full, gorgeous lashes that look and feel natural, are simple to maintain, and keep you looking like a superstar from the moment you wake up through the rest of your day.

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