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How to start a false eyelash business YY

How to start your eyelash business 

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1. Research the market and demographics

First step to start your own false lash business is research. You need to get a clear idea of who you are going to serve. To do so, go to your local park or bench and watch the bustling crowd in the venue where you want to set up. Record the age, gender, nature and style of the market group.

You can also go online and start browsing statistics of the local crowd for your area. Find out the niche as an eyelash artist to serve a special crowd. If you see areas where nobody has ventured as a lash artist, take it as the cue to do it.  

Try to make an ideal customer persona so that you always know who you are trying to serve as a lash artist.

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2. Create an false eyelash brand and package 

Give your brand a nice name, and design a beautiful logo.This is not only a symbol of your brand, but also a way for people to remember your brand and place orders with you.In addition, give your brand concept and the values of your brand.Decide what product you want to sell.The product of false eyelash industry is numerous. In addition to the product itself, the packaging of the product is also important.The attraction starts with the packaging.

3. Register Your eyelash Brand.

The next job is to register your brand. Contact your local authority and register the brand. It is different in every state and the same will inform you about the requirements you need to put in.

4. Check Out Your lash Competitors

When you’re trying to tap into lash demographic, you need to know what your competitors are offering. Pose as a client and visit your competitor salon, so that you know the type of experience they offer as well as the prices. Competitor menu is a good place to get ideas to make your own.

You can take a walk around your locality to find the competitors. Alternatively, you can also google the keywords that define your business and find other businesses. It will help you get inspired and boost your confidence as a lash artist


5. Rent Vs Home Vs Office for Your false Lash Business

If you’re not stable financially, you can always rent a salon space to setup your lash business. Rental saloons can be changed to permanent ones when you have a stable income and recurrent clients. You do not need a lot of startup capital in this case. When you’re starting a home based salon, the rental charges can be low. However, you need to start investing in lash and saloon equipment from scratch. Security and insurance depends on your individual choices in a home lash saloon.Getting a saloon space requires high capital. But, if you consider it as an investment, it can definitely pay off.


6. Create A Menu

You need a menu, You need not charge high to get noticed. You can beat the competition by charging fair. Think about the things you can offer in your menu. A regular lash salon has the items and services such as Initial Set, Filling, Removal and even Gift Cards. Another way to divide your lash business menu is by packages for individuals, groups and friends. Eyelash Perm and eyebrow extension are other services to include in your menu. Tinting, shaping, and refilling can be added to your lash saloon menu too.

7. Sell an Experience

Instead of selling eyelash extension filling, sell a whole experience. A spa is noted for the ambiance it provides more than the service. The same way, give your clients more than they expect. The tips to retain your lash clients will help you do the same.


8. Make A New Official Email Id

Get yourself a new email idea on Gmail or Hotmail if you don’t have a professional website for your lash brand yet. When you present your card, make sure this email id is on the card. Forward the emails to your personal id or keep a schedule to check the official mail 4-5 times per week. It will reflect your brand identity and boost your brand exposure too. 

9. Open A Bank Account/ Paypal in Your Brand Name

You need the modern booking system for your lash business. A good booking system pleases the client and keeps you updated without chaos or disturbances. Having to reschedule is not a good comment on any lash business. Your booking system will determine whether your lash business will grow up or down.



10. Marketing to promote your online false lashes business

Use social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to post product information and attract consumers attention. Or display content on beauty-related forums and other platforms to increase visibility. You can also create product display videos and upload them to YouTube, so that consumers can see your products more and can increase your product sales.

It's not hard to create your own false eyelash business, as long as you follow the above process and do every necessary step well. Of course, you must find a good eyelash manufacturer. They will help you solve a lot of problems with eyelash products. Have you learned?


If you want to start a good eyelash business, please do according to these ten steps one by one, your eyelash business will be better!   Obeya has been an eyelash supplier for many years, strip eyelashes and eyelash extensions are the best seller in the world. We also can create logo on box and do customized box.  If you have a requirement, please let me know and we will help you. 

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