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The history of Chinese cosmetic development (1) ZX090

The history of Chinese cosmetic development (1)

The history of Chinese cosmetic development from ancient times has gone through those dynasties?

The history of the development of Chinese makeup has gone through seven dynasties from ancient times:

1. Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties (21st century ---- 771 years ago).


The custom of Chinese women's makeup has risen during the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties. 

As early as the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the word mu appeared in the Oracle. 

The commentary of Shuo Wen Jie Zi said: Mu, wash your face too. More than a thousand years ago, there were descriptions of fragrant soup bath and moon powder makeup comb. 

In the Yinxu period, the Chinese people began to use Yandi red orchid to smash the juice into rouge (then called Yanzhi).

During the period of Wang Wen, women had widely used zinc powder to wipe their faces.

Taking white as the beauty has become the mainstream aesthetic consciousness. 

Although the shape of the eyebrow is divided into wide and narrow, the long eyebrow has also become the mainstream aesthetic consciousness. People generally pursue red lips. 

During the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, makeup seemed to be limited to women in the court. 

It was not until the Spring and Autumn Period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty that makeup became popular among civilian women. During the Shang and Zhou dynasties, makeup seemed to be limited to women in the court. 

It was mainly for the monarchs appreciation and enjoyment. 

It was not until the Spring and Autumn Period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty that makeup became popular among civilian women. During the Shang Dynasty, bronze mirrors were invented to meet the needs of makeup to look at the face, which further promoted the prevalence of makeup custom.

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2. The Qin and Han Dynasties (221-220 years ago).


During the Han and Han dynasties, with the high social and economic development and the improvement of aesthetic consciousness, the custom of makeup has been newly developed. 

Women of both the noble and ordinary classes will pay attention to their own appearance and decoration. 

At the time of Emperor Han Yu, General Liang Jis wife Sun Shou was known for her good at dressing up. 

The novelty and femininity of her makeup made women eager to imitate. 

At that time, different styles of makeup have appeared, and cosmetics have also been enriched.

3. Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties (220-581).



During the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, the economic and cultural exchanges of various ethnic groups merged, and the secular customs also experienced a change from simple and easy to sluggish and beautiful. 

This made Chinese womens makeup skills gradually mature during this period, showing a trend of diversification. 

In other words, women's facial dresses are bolder in color application than before, and the shape of their makeup is also greatly changed. 

Women are also considered to be thin and beautiful. 

During this period, womens hairstyles were dominated by various tadpoles, such as floral tadpoles, wealthy returning yunyun tadpoles, and women from wealthy families wearing tadpoles made of gold, jade, tadpoles, and treasures, and flowers were welcomed by all classes. 

There were not many changes in makeup during this period, mainly wine halo makeup, peach blossom makeup, and Feixia makeup. 

There is also a special makeup style called purple makeup during this period. 

Chinese Ancient and Modern Notes records that one of the palace ladies favored by Emperor Wei Wen was Duan Qiaoxiao, who often breasted in purple clothes and made a face with purple powder. 

At that time, this makeup method was rare, but it can be seen in ancient purple. 

Aesthetic consciousness as a symbol of luxury.

4. Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties (581--960).



The Sui, Tang, and the Five Dynasties were the most important period in ancient Chinese history. 

And the Tang Dynasty was the most brilliant period in Chinese history. 

The womens makeup in the Sui Dynasty is relatively simple, unlike the Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties, which have more changes in style, and they are not as colorful as the Tang Dynasty.

In the Tang Dynasty, the country was strong, its economy was prosperous, and its social atmosphere was open. 

Women prevailed in pursuit of fashion. 

Women wear makeup more freely. 

The aesthetic consciousness in this period is the dynasty closest to Western beauty in Chinese history. 

The open makeup style is also a part of this aesthetic trend. 

The order of applying makeup is first applying lead powder, applying rouge, and then drawing eyebrows and decals. 

Some people also slap their faces, paint red, paint lips, and apply lipstick.

In the late Tang and the Five Dynasties, there was a special kind of makeup called three white makeup, that is, white powder was applied to the forehead, nose, and chin, and other parts were not modified. 

In the early Tang Dynasty, the hairstyles were mainly half-turned and back-turned. 

The Kaiyuan prosperity was characterized by close embracing. 

At that time, wigs were popular among ladies. 

At this time, I started to draw eyebrows with smoke and ink, and the shape of the eyebrows developed from slender to broad and thick. 

The wide and curved eight-letter eyebrows were popular during the Tang Dynasty. 

Lipsticks such as Pomegranate Jiao, Little Red Spring, and Dew Pearl still indicate that red lips were popular at the time, and some people used sandal lipstick. 

The characteristics of beauty in this period are: an independent discipline has initially formed, and it has begun to take shape, summarizing many basic knowledge and contents of modern beauty.

Women in the dynasties had simpler makeup, unlike the more varied styles of the Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties, and even less colorful than the Tang Dynasty. 

In the Tang Dynasty, the country was strong, its economy was prosperous, and its social atmosphere was open. 

Women prevailed in pursuit of fashion. Regardless of whether they are court prostitutes or private prostitutes, these women are heavily makeup and deliberately groomed. 

The improvement of womens social status in the Tang Dynasty is the dynasty with the highest feminism in Chinese history. 

It is no wonder that Wu Zetian, the only emperor in Chinese history.

5. Song, Liao, Jin and Yuan periods (420-1368).


Royal family.png

After the establishment of the Song Dynasty, the economy has developed, and the aesthetics has also changed. 

It strives to have charm in painting, poetry, and expresses beautiful and rich content in a simple and plain form, resulting in an endless charm. Elegant style. 

The Bibles General Road in the Song dynasty emphasized that beauty and beauty should be given priority to beauty, if not, the use of creams and moustaches would be indifferent!

It is clearly opposed to only focusing on grease and powder, not the fundamental approach.

So womens makeup is fresh, elegant, and natural, but wiping and blushing are still the basic elements of face dressing. 

Therefore, red makeup is still an indispensable part of Song Dynasty womens makeup methods. 

During this period, ladies often put small pearls on their foreheads, hundreds of rooms, and cheeks for decoration. 

This is the pearl flower makeup.

There are not many changes in hair styles. 

High-profile fashion is popular among ladies, and low-profile fashion is popular among civilians. 

Corollas have become popular in jewelry. 

This has directly led to the production of fake flowers. 

At this time, the bandana on the head has gradually formed a custom. .

Although there was not much development in the eyebrow shape during this period, a new tool for the thrush, namely, appeared. The decoration of the hands and toes has also begun to introduce the makeup industry, painting nails with impatiens, which is the beginning of the nail industry. 

Liao was destroyed by Jin in 1125, and then by Mongolia in 1234. 

Mongolia then destroyed the Southern Song Dynasty in 1276, united China, and established the Yuan Empire. 

Khitan, Jurchen, and Mongolia are all nomadic peoples. 

Before entering the Central Plains, they moved to the frontier for a long time. 

The costumes were very simple. 

After they became Chinese, they became more sophisticated and gorgeous. 

The makeup of women in the Yuan Dynasty had obvious changes before and after Shun Emperor. 

Before that, they often advocated gorgeousness; after that, the atmosphere became light and simple, and some even did not wear makeup or powder. 

However, it is worth mentioning that people use a plant to grind the powder and apply it on the face as a mask.

If you have anything else to add, please comment xx

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