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Korea PBT Fiber/Silk/Faux Mink Camellia Eyelash Extension 3 Different Length in One Row D C Curl 9/10/11 with ODM OEMYY13

Emeda sell high-quality camellia lashes,which contains multi lengths in each line.Camellia lashes are made of Korea PBT Fiber/Silk,it is very soft lightweight and zero touch sense.And it is more denser and glossier than traditional lashes.There are J/B/C/D curl;0.07mm thickness;8-9-10/9-10-11/10-11-12/11-12-13/12-13-14 length in one row.We also accept customized length if reach a certain amount.Our camellia lash is suitable for beginners to graft eyelashes.

  • Brand : OBEYA
  • Materials : Korean PBT Fiber/Silk
  • MOQ : 100 boxes
  • Price : 5USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France and so on

A Detailed Introduction to Camellia Lashes

■Material: Korea PBT Fiber/Silk, which is very soft and light and dense.

■Size: J B C D curl

          0.07mm thickness

          8-9-10mm /9-10-11mm/10-11-12mm/11-12-13mm/12-13-14mm length in one row

■Feature: The hierarchy is clear and natural; zero touch sense; close to natural lashes.

■Usage: Our camellia lashes are suited to beginners to graft lashes, no need skills to make fans for camellia fans.

Product overview


There are three different lengths in one row for camellia lashes, which shows that the eyelashes are dense, glossy and the  gradation is clear. Emeda Camellia lash is made with Korea PBT Fiber/Silk that is close to your natural lashes, and there is no loading on your eyes.


The tape strip is made of foil and paper, and there are 2mm and 2.5mm tape strip for you to choose. Our tape strip is easily to pick up from basis and no residue on this. It is easy to make fans for camellia eyelash.Each eyelash is arranged in an orderly manner. 

Process to produce eyelashes

process -lash-produce.jpg

The length of each eyelash is standard because our workers measure with rulers, every tape strip is sticked on basis firmly and eyelashes are arranged on the tape strip with no kink. Our workers are able to pack eyelashes well and check them carefully before they sent to us from factory.

Customized paper card


We make various paper cards for customers to choose. There is a professional designer team in Obeya, who can help you design logo and create your own brand. Customers can feel free to express their ideas and we can print the paper cards rely on your thoughts.


We cooperate with many express companies in oreder to deliver eyelashes to our customers and try to help our customers save money. 

We would like to choose different express according to different requirements from customers. They will receive their products safely and fast.


We took part in the exhibition during 2015 and 2019. Emeda has been serving customers with high-quality eyelashes and friendly attitude for many years, which is trusted by most of people in the world.

 Our idea is to offer top-class products and service; be an honst export company , and then get better reputation in the world.

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