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Flat Eyelash Extensions Factory Wholesale Private Label Acceptable Ellips Eyelash FM001

1.Lighter Weight : Flat eyelash very light only a fraction of weight of normal eyelash.
2. Easy to apply : Flat eyelash extensions increase the surface area between the glure and false eyelashes, so, can retain more times.
3. Feeling more softer and lighter , less irrtated feel to eyelids.

  • Brand : OBEYA
  • MOQ : 100 boxes
  • Price : USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France and so on
  • model(number) : Flat eyelashes-001

Eyelash Extensions details:
1. All sizes can be made, mixed tray is available
2. After 48 hours of high temperature suppression and low temperature soak, absorbing 100% collagen, the eyelash is closest to the composition of real eyelashes
3. Honeycomb spiral design, breathable, light experience, black but not so shine effect, to bring you the ultimate graft experience
4. Soft feeling, light weight, softness up to 0.05, zero weight after grafting
5. Professional design, the adhesion parts are not kink, so that removal becomes easier, shorten the grafting time greatly

Material 100% soft Korea silk 
Color Black 
0.10mm, 0.15mm,0.20mm
J(near flat) / B(Slightly Curved) / C(More Curved) / D(Most Curved)
Length 8-15mm 
OEM & ODMAcceptable 
Private labeling or Customized packaging acceptable 
Payment WayPaypal, Western Union, Money Gram, T/T 
Delivery Time Stocks 24 hours; bulk order : 10-15 working days

Split Flat Eyelash Extensions Looks More Thicker & Fluffy  

ellipse eyelash extension.jpg

Obeya Quality Flat Eyelash Extension Softer Material

flat eyelash extensions 7.jpg

Our Flat eyelash Extension with premium eyelash glue, easy to peel off, no kink, to save applying time.

flat eyelash extensions 13.jpg

flat eyelash extensions 17.jpg

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