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Best Seller Private Label 5D Mink Eyelashes 100% Handmade Real Mink Fur Customized Package YY10

We sell the high-quality 5D mink eyelashes which is made of 100% real mink fur, the material is natural like your real eyelashes.The band is clear annd black,it is soft and comfortable for customers to wear and the fur on the double band is more firm.The 5D effect let your eyelashes become more attractive and shinier.We prepare more than 1000 styles for customers and we also accept customized styles.Private label and package is accepted by our professional designers

  • Brand : OBEYA
  • Materials : 100% Mink Fur
  • MOQ : 100 trays
  • Price : 2.4USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France and so on

Introduce 5D Mink Fur Eyelashes In Details

◆Unique 3D effect is stronger than natural 3D strip lashes, mostly release the  charm of eyelashes.

◆100% real mink fur is very soft; lightweight and waterproof, It is comfortable and easy to be wear and removed.

◆Double bands make the eyelashes more firm and stronger.

◆Black band let your eyes more dramatic; the invisible band make your eyelashes more natural like your real lashes.

◆Perfect after-sales service; if you have any questions, we will make any efforts to help customers solve.

Product Picture

P48 (4).jpg

Emeda 5D mink lash is made of 100% real mink fur, the quality is high and pure; the color is matte. The mink fur is from the falling hair of minks, there is no harm and crulty. We adopted unique technology to close the wire, so the fur is not easy to drop. Excellent 5D effect help your eyes to be more dramatic.


More than 1000+ styles in Our company are prepared well, the resourece of 5d mink eyelashes is full and complete. The delivery time is just 7-15 days(rely on your quanitities). Our checking-inspector will check products for two times, so we are able to guarantee the quality.

Private package

3d mink- lash-package.jpg

There is a professional designing team to make logo on the package and eyelash box. They would like to design according to the ideas of customers and creat your own brand

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